Artist of the Week : Yasmin

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Last Updated 03 February 2011

Artist of the Week : Yasmin

Someone we think was a serious omission in all those start of the year 'Sound of 2011' style polls is DJ turned popstar Yasmin. Fresh from a featuring role on Devlin's breakthrough track 'Runaway', Yasmin releases her debut solo single 'On My Own' this week. Originally from Glasgow, Yasmin's recently moved down to London so we caught up with her for an interview.

Yasmin, you're our artist of the week - introduce yourself
I’m Yasmin, signed to Levels Entertainment and Ministry Of Sound. My style is something I call trip-pop soul. I used to be a DJ and that has a massive impact on my own music.

What made you move down south?
I'm from Glasgow and moved down for work, originally because I was a DJ and this was the best place to be for DJing, but now I have to work really hard and London is the place to be! I miss people being a lot friendlier in Glasgow than they are here, as in London it seems everyone is generally rushing about trying to get their stuff done and aren't interested in having a chat.

Whereabouts in the capital have you made your home?
I live in North London, it’s great because there are some really cute areas with great cafes and shops. The only bad thing is that there is no ‘stand-out’ feature: West London has some amazing architecture, East London is cool and South London is vibey. North London doesn’t have a ‘thing’.

Whats been the most important London location in your career so far?
Probably BBC 1Xtra round Great Portland Street – they were the first people who really supported me and pushed me from the beginning. I owe a lot to them.

We heard that your new single is about London too...
Its out NOW! It’s called ‘On My Own’ and has a real message about when I first came to London and started in the music industry, getting trains home at 4am after DJing in a club I didn’t know anyone… I hope it means something to other people as well.

Can you think of an unusual London location it would be awesome to play a gig at?
There are some amazing warehouses in East London which are really dingy, and have some amazing art on the walls. I would love to play a gig somewhere unusual like this.

And when can we actually see you next play live?
I’m playing at the Jazz Café with Wretch 32 on the 11th February. Come down!

You DJ aswell – whats your favourite night in town?
Rock the Belles is great! My single release party was there on Friday. There were some great people down and it was loads of fun – a real celebration.

What other LDN artists should we be checking out?
Bluey Robinson, Jodie Connor, Jessie J, Devlin – all great artists who offer something fresh.

And finally what's your London secret?
Wah Nails in East London – I swear by them! It’s a nice place to hang out and they do the best nails in London.

Yasmin's debut single 'On My Own' is out now.