Last Minute Listing: re:control @ Oubliette Arthouse

Franco Milazzo
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Last Minute Listing: re:control @ Oubliette Arthouse

Following on from last year's three day cabaret festival,  the Oubliette Collective are holding a short exhibition of works from nineteen London-based artists in the recently squatted Limelight Club building on Shaftesbury Avenue.

The exhibition is curated by Lorenzo Durantini and features a mixture of photography, video and installations.  In Claire Blundell Jones's video, we see her pushing a genuine tumbleweed from Utah around central London using a leaf blower while we hearted Greta Alfaro's experiment: what happens when two wild warthogs foraging in the dark come across a free meringue?  Do they sniff it, eat it, roll around in it or all three?  Zoe Clayton's magnifying glasses are more than meets the eye, Tomas Hein puts his case for being the art world's next rock 'n roll star and the Dark Room installation by Fuller, Bever and Mroueh was a joy to explore (if a bit creepy).

The exhibition is open 7pm-1opm tonight and tomorrow with an artists talk planned for Tuesday.  Entry is free and more details can be seen here.  If the door is closed, please call Lorenzo Durantini direct (phone number on details page).

Last Updated 10 January 2011