Happy 5th Birthday Stitch London!

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Happy 5th Birthday Stitch London!

Stitch London - formerly known as Stitch and Bitch London - was five years old yesterday and celebrated with a massive knitty birthday party at the Royal Festival Hall.

Remember the tiny perching pigeons? That was them. Warm lions? Them too. They're social knitworking pioneers, knitty graffiti guerillas and possibly the biggest stitching group in the world.

Stitch weekly meet ups are free to attend. Knitting knowledge is no prerequisite as the Stitch Sages will teach you the basics or help you with your dropped stitches along the way. And it's not just knitting. Stitch London is officially "multi-craft" so crochet chicks, cross stitchers, sewers (erm, is that the right term for those who sew?!) and embroiderers are equally welcome in the nimble fingered, crafty crew.

In the yarn strewn aftermath of the celebrations, Stitch London supremo, Deadly Knitshade said,

The woolly Godzilla that is Stitch London has been stitching and stomping across the city for five years now. We've taught incredible numbers of new knitters in that time and have a whole herd of lovely Stitch Sage volunteers.

With over 8500 members, who knit, crochet or sew, so you're probably never more than 10 feet from a London stitcher at any time. We're everywhere, we're planning world stitching domination and we have pointy sticks and hooks. Join us!

Read our interview with Deadly Knitshade from 2009.

Last Updated 05 January 2011