Metropolitan Line Train Taken Away For Scrapping

Dean Nicholas
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Metropolitan Line Train Taken Away For Scrapping

Photographer Julian Gajewski sent us this picture of a forlorn-looking Metropolitan line carriage being taken away by truck at the end of its working life. It's en route to CF Booth where, after decades spent ferrying commuters between Aldgate and Amersham, it will meet a grim demise at the hands of the metal recycling machines.

Introduced in the early 1960s, the Metropolitan's A60 and A62 stock are the oldest trains still in service on the Underground. They're being phased out and replaced by a fleet of air conditioned, walk-through trains that were launched last year and are gradually being introduced (albeit very slowly) onto the line. By the middle of the decade the new trains will have replaced the existing stock on the Circle, District, and Hammersmith & City lines too.

See more pictures on Julian's Flickrstream.

Last Updated 22 January 2011


Would be cool if they could repurpose some of these train cars other than just smashing them into tiny pieces. Even just parts or sections of a carriage would be an interesting, quirky design element in a bar, café, playground or gallery space; turning doors into tables or counter tops, using the seating for play areas, using part of a side as a partition between sections of space. It might be costly, but it seems a shame to obliterate something that's carried so many people along.


Dear CF Booth -

I would like about 2.5 metres of tube carriage to use as a shed in my garden

Ta ever so


I think they recycle them... I'd rather they did that rather than Shoreditch being full of them which is what Doreen's idea would end up as.


The tea room at Golders Green Crematorium looks, from one angle, to have been made from an old railway carriage but I've been too lazy to pop-in for a cuppa and enquire.


I assume the Isle of Wight Railway doesn't want any this time ;)

With prices of scrap steel being so hich I'm not surprised they're being melted down. It's not like they'll be left to rust...