Music Review: NYC *hearts* LDN @ XOYO

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Music Review: NYC *hearts* LDN @ XOYO

Shoreditch’s new music showcase promises new ‘one to watch’ bands from both side of the pond.

The opening of this new club night attracts a varied crowd, not just the Shoreditch Scenesters, but we spot off-duty Media Types and Suits mixed in, all intent on having a good time.

NYC-based Cubic Zirconia kick off the evening’s entertainment with their catchy electro beat; a last minute replacement for the contract-worthy but snowed-in Ice Black Birds (ironic?). Cue some tentative ‘bopping’ from Old Street- pretty good going, especially as they’re on early.

Penguin Prison take the stage after, for some pounding and dirty synth-pop with a tinge of disco. It takes us a song or so to appreciate the reedy vocals, but they’re strong, and carry over the bass and drum. They have an ability to really layer a track and keep it interesting, tonight’s crowd are appreciative.

And now for the London part of the evening, we can tell at a glance who’s who - the New Yorkers, are sleek, styled… and we’re not. London scruffy chic is still going strong, our half look like the concept of ‘barber’ is anathema. We rock though.

Johnny Borell and members of the band take the stage in various 60s personas- Mod, Rocker and Prog-Rock Hippy with Gandalf hat. Fitting, as the material is heavy on Iggy-style licks and a wall of sound.

The Riff Raff round off the evening, opening with their most popular track called, appropriately, New York City Loves London. We like the use of cello and accordion in the set, and near the stage very quickly turns into an impromptu ‘ska-pit’. We’ll be singing these choruses for a while..

DJ sets included She Bangs the Drums and Nick Hook from Cubic Zirconia.

Verdict? We’ll be back!

By Amy Barnard

Tickets £10 advance. XOYO Club is located at 32-37 Cowper St, EC2A

Last Updated 03 December 2010