London Illuminations

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London Illuminations

Live in South London? Full of irrepressible good cheer? Decorate your house with enough Christmas lights this year, and one local paper may well award you with a prize.

Now, OTT seasonal displays of refulgence induce various reactions, from snooty humbug (usually from the neighbours) to yo-ho-ho appreciation (usually from passers-by). But we reckon they might just have graduated from being a vulgar anomaly to, well, a kitsch art form of sorts. We'll admit to making a detour or two to check out bedecked houses in our area...and we bet you do too. What's not to like? The concept is as jolly as it gets, and whilst it may not be very eco-friendly, quite a number of such houses offset any criticism by raising money for charity. Who knows? Next year we may even enter Londonist Towers.

Anyway, this got us thinking that it would rather good to assemble a gallery of London's more scintillating house displays. So why don't you send pictures of your favourites to our flickr pool, and we'll round them into a post some time between now and the New Year.
Image by Tealord.

Last Updated 13 December 2010