Music Review: Paramore @ The O2

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Music Review: Paramore @ The O2

Hayley Williams It was an all American affair down at the O2 on Monday night as perky punk band Paramore in their own words "conquered" their 2nd night at the venue. Pink haired princess Hayley Williams leads a band which, she tells us with remarkable knowledge of London venues, has grown from the Barfly to the Underworld to Hammersmith Apollo to... you get the point.

Now, on the night they found out their latest album 'Brand New Eyes' went platinum in the UK, they made Londoners forget their inhibitions opening with 'Ignorance' and sending the floor of the O2 bouncing like we'd never seen it bounce before. A mainly teenage crowd, complete with red hair in homage to their heroine, were set to enjoy a night which included tracks from all three albums including Twilight's 'Decode'.

And as much as we love stomping about to the Paramore that blasts rock anthems, there's a large part of our heart that enjoys the more fragile side to their act. Pulling a sofa on stage half way through the show for an acoustic section, the band really proved themselves with slow acoustic guitar accompanying Hayley's soft vocals. Although they soon ploughed back into the stompers, 'The Only Exception' which intially closed the show really captivated the audience, leaving them swaying and singing in harmony as well as lighting the arena with hundreds of LCD stars.

Since forming in 2004, the band has gone from strength to strength to reach its current status. Paramore's style has been consistent throughout these past 6 years: clean, powerful and fun pop punk that comes from a band who showcase the nicer side of rock. In these days where live music venues close and there's constant talk of the music dying it was refreshing to see a show that had an audience going this nuts.

Co-written by Maria O'Connor

Last Updated 17 November 2010