Music Review: Let's Wrestle @ Lexington

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Music Review: Let's Wrestle @ Lexington

LetsWrestlePressMAIN.jpg We last saw the marvellous Let's Wrestle a year and a half ago at the Old Blue Last, when they cut through the pretension with their no-nonsense, furiously paced songs about playing computer games and being too scared to talk to girls.

They were great shambolic fun then, but now they are a serious, tight as you like delight, with news songs demonstrating a clear move on from the first album.

Lead singer Wesley Patrick Gonzalez has something of Frank Black about him - not only can he howl when he wants, but he has a sweet yearning voice that delivers lyrics with conviction and heart. The tight rhythm section give the band a lightning sense of momentum, all the while driving forward the sometimes poppy, sometimes grungy, and always rocky riffs.

It's Gonzalez's last gig as a teenager, which brings home just how bold they are in their confidence, and how rare it is to find a young band that excels in making music in their own very unique don't-give-a-fuck way.

It's clear how far they band have progressed, and they even have the chutzpah to finish the set with a staggering rock instrumental that just about blows the whole place apart. Their new album sounds great, and they are a million times more worthy than the half-full venue suggested. Expect great things from their second album, In The Court Of The Wrestling Let's, out now.

Words by Adam Richmond and Chloe George

Last Updated 04 November 2010