Moths Infiltrate V&A

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Last Updated 30 November 2010

Moths Infiltrate V&A

Passing the V&A in the winter’s dusk you might be surprised to see a flutter of moths atop the building's upper dome. Don’t worry, it’s not another plague like this summer’s bed bug infestation and the janitors won’t be reaching for the moth balls. It's a new art instillation by the artist Mat Collishaw.

Magic Lantern’ comprises 108 metal moths flickered through a zoetrope to create the effect of movement. This 19th century device projects a rapid series of images to give the
impression that the moths are dancing about the building's crown cupola.

The moths come alive at dusk each evening and can be seen from Cromwell and
Exhibition Roads, and as you approach the V&A from South Kensington tube.

Mat Collishaw's Magic Lantern is at the V&A until 27 March.

By Jon Davis