London To Paris: The Green Way

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London To Paris: The Green Way

High-speed link it definitely isn’t, but if you have three or four days to spare, a sturdy pair of calf muscles and a yen to visit Paris the greenest way, then the promised Avenue Verte, or Green Avenue may - eventually - be right up your street.

Or rather, right up your traffic-free canal path, country lane or rural bike track. The Avenue Verte is attempting to convert the 240-mile bike ride to Paris, from St Paul’s in London at its northernmost point to Notre-Dame cathedral in the south, to a fully-signposted, traffic-free rural idyll by 2012 – on the French side, at least.

London officials admit that, Rosbif-side, things may take somewhat longer, with gnarly problems thrown up by the route including heavy-traffic zones such as around Gatwick Airport, giving a projected completion date of…2020.

Still, plenty of time to get into training. Bon courage!

By Cat Wiener.

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Last Updated 25 November 2010