Tottenham "Want To Demolish Olympic Stadium"

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 97 months ago
Tottenham "Want To Demolish Olympic Stadium"

2001_olympic_stadium.jpg A report on (not mentioned elsewhere, so treat sceptically for now) claims that Tottenham want to take the blueprint for their new stadium in Haringey to Stratford, demolishing the Olympic stadium in the process.

Despite having their new ground approved only weeks ago, a "highly sensitive" report from within the club suggests that the beancounters estimate it would be cheaper to raze the 2012 stadium and build a new one on top than do it in Haringey, where demands from the local council, English Heritage, and TfL are driving up costs. In return, Spurs would fund a new national athletics centre, or pump money into a refurbishment of the national stadium at Crystal Palace.

Tottenham's joint bid with AEG for the Olympic Stadium faces strong competition from West Ham and Live Nation, who also have UK Athletics on board. But, if this story is true (and remember again the single, unverified source), the momentum should swing behind the Hammers, as the idea of the wrecking crew waiting to move in as the Paralympic closing ceremony ends is unlikely to find many supporters, be they the Olympic Park Legacy Company, ordinary Londoners, or Spurs fans themselves.

Last Updated 14 October 2010