Sponsored Post: 56 Sage Street Game

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Sponsored Post: 56 Sage Street Game

56sagestreet.jpg It's an urban nightmare and one we all struggle to avoid. Alone in the city and mugged. No money, no job, no friends. What do you do? 56 Sage Street is a free game that puts you in the gutter and invites you to drag yourself up from nothing. You must prove yourself a worthy successor of elusive ageing entrepreneur Mr C who rescues you from a mugging and takes a shine to your spunky ambition. In this free online game from Barclays the path to such worthiness is one of economic ambition, community awareness, sharp threads and the ultimate acquisition of megacorps CEO status.

To win the game you must to complete the tasks texted to you by the successful Mr C and make it to 56 Sage Street to claim your empire. Odd jobs hefting coffins up stairs to pay for some energising rice and beans turn into proper jobs as your bank balance grows and you make decisions about everyday things like gym membership, giving to buskers and insuring your scooter whilst eating properly and dressing nice. If this was set in real London rather than generic city, they'd need a different street name, given our actual Sage Street is an Estate Road off Cable Street in Poplar. Unless Mr C goes in for seriously misleading HQ hideouts, that is (NB he doesn't). In real life too, it's more likely to be your Mum putting you on this sort of educational life quest than a benevolent bigwig but let's not get bogged down in actuality.

London specificity aside, if you're the type to get hooked on Farmville, or need something to alleviate your insomnia, 56 Sage Street is a decent point and click game with an enterprising message. A nifty virtual smartphone device tots up your bank account balance and keeps track of your acquisitions and growing reputation along the way. It's also how Mr C instructs you to do his bidding. Presumably this is an indication of the way Barclays mobile banking is going although we hope you can bank on the go with them without having to do cash favours for cash for a mysterious dying millionaire.

Watch the trailer below and try the game yourself at http://www.56sagestreet.co.uk/

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