Listen Up Interview: Lauren Pritchard

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Listen Up Interview: Lauren Pritchard

Lauren Pritchard

22 year old singer-songwriter Lauren Pritchard has the type of background you might associate with shiny, manufactured pop. Born in Tennessee, she moved to LA, lived with Lisa Marie Presley and then headed to NYC to take to the stage appearing in the original Broadway cast of Spring Awakening. Yet instead of leaping upon the perfectly curated pop-rock sound of Disney artists, Lauren moved to London last year to work on her earnest yet perky white soul debut album 'Wasted in Jackson'. Working with British 'super-producer' Eg White, tortured debut single 'Painkillers' first alerted us to Lauren so we got in touch to find out how dear old London compares to Tennessee.

Hey Lauren - tell us who you are

Hello readers! I'm Lauren Pritchard, originally from Tennessee, but I've been all over the place the past few years. After some time in LA and then New York City on Broadway, I wound up in London making my debut album out under Island Records. The album called "Wasted In Jackson" (out Oct 25) is a pop/rock/soul record about the last few years of craziness that I went through to get to where I am now.

You're a newcomer to London, where've you been?

I grew up in Jackson, Tennessee but moved away when I was 16 to branch out and start to find the people that I was convinced at an early age were out there that I wanted to make music with. I lived in LA first for 2 years. Then NYC, doing a show for 3 years there. Now I'm here in London!

How does our city compare to those?

I love London, it's very different but very similar in some ways. After living in crazy NYC, London seems much more peaceful. There's a lot more space, it's much bigger. More parks, more grass and this reminds me of home. I miss my family, I miss my car and being able to drive, but I love London, it feels like home now!

What's been the most important London location in your career so far?

I'd say St. Pauls Cathedral because it's best place for me to think. Which helps me write. Without that I don't know what I'd do.

And your favourite venue?

I love the Shepherd's Bush Empire and not just because it's near my house. So many people have performed there, it has an amazing musical history. To be able to sell that place out would be a dream come true.

Have you ever busked?

I used to do loads of busking in Los Angeles with the reggae band I was in out there. We did the boardwalk in Venice and the 3rd Street Promenade all the time. It was a blast.

When can we see you play live next?

The next London gig is October 14 at Proud Galleries! I'm so excited! It's our first full band gig there, last time we were there it was acoustic. People can expect a good time!

'Not the Drinking' is your next single - what's it about?

"Not The Drinking" is about realizing the relationship that you're in is dying and it's not because of an outside influence, it's cause one of you has fallen out of love. Happy right haha?

And if you were to go drinking, where would that be?

I like the Flowerpot off of Kentish Town Road. Also The Angelsea Arms in Shepherds Bush is where it's at.

Is there more to Shepherd's Bush than an extreme amount of tube stations?

There's a few wonderful things in the Bush!! Ravenscourt Park being #1. The cafes are ace, it's not too big but not too small. And there's always something fun going on there too. #2 is Forevermore Tattoo parlour on the Shepherds Bush Green, right next to the Defectors Weld. I love this place. #3 is Rajput Indian restaurant. The food has never been anything but amazingly delicious and I'm there almost every Sunday night for a delish ruby :)

And finally what's your London secret?

One of my favorite shops is off Portobello Road, called Supra. They have the best stuff in there. And one of my favorite spots in London is Primrose Hill. I know this isn't a secret spot but I will never get sick of the view. Never :)

Lauren Pritchard releases her debut album 'Wasted in Jackson' on October 25 and you can catch her live at Proud Galleries on October 14.

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