London 20 Night Hike: Please Give Us Your Lunch Money!

By Lindsey Last edited 102 months ago
London 20 Night Hike: Please Give Us Your Lunch Money!

Tell us, should we wear things like this on our heads for the hike?
One week to go. In the last 7 days, tube strike day tested our strides, we got given a tartan hip flask for when it gets nippy and received a top tip on the best blister plasters to pack.

We also got a phone call from Maggie's HQ making polite enquiries about our fundraising, which is actually going pretty well. Thank you to everyone who's supported us so far.

Those of you who haven't as yet, we have an idea - forgo that Pret sandwich or costly coffee, scrap the supermarket sushi or Gregg's greasy pastry - give us your lunch money instead! A fiver from all of you lot and we'll be topping out our £2,500 target in no time. Remember, 11 volunteers will be walking in Team Londonist next Friday night. We're tackling 20 miles over a projected 8 hours in aid of Maggie's Cancer Caring Centres.

Donate quickly and easily at our JustGiving page. Don't forget to GiftAid your donation. And leave us a message telling us just what lunchtime treat you passed on to propel us to the start line. Thank you.

Oh, and you can follow our team on Twitter if you wish - Dan made us a list. We will have plenty to say on the night. Find out more about our Night Hike efforts.

Last Updated 10 September 2010