One Hundred Cats Released Into Ikea Store

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 165 months ago

Last Updated 10 September 2010

One Hundred Cats Released Into Ikea Store

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There's not really much more to say about this: Ikea decided to release 100 cats into its Wembley store, let them wander around doing their kitty thing, and filmed the results. It's basically a commercial, and is part of a growing trend for big companies to make lengthy, high-concept ads that don't look or feel like ads. But for cat lovers, it's probably the best ad ever.

The video is above. When your boss comes over to ask why you haven't done any work today, just send her the link. She'll probably give you a promotion. Oh, and make sure you watch to the end — there is some beautiful super-slow motion footage of jumping cats around the 3'22" mark.

Via Gizmodo, many thanks to Zefrog for the link.