Review: The Jubjub Bar

Ben Norum
By Ben Norum Last edited 98 months ago
Review: The Jubjub Bar

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Callooh Callay on Rivington Street has built up quite a reputation as a happening drinks spot, creating cocktails as deliriously mixed up as The Jabberwocky poem from which the bar gets its name. Problem is, now that it’s bursting with City Suits and Shoreditch Skinny Jeans, it’s become something of a mission to get a seat at the bar, let alone strike up a mixology minded dialogue with the team.

The solution lies through the Callooh Callay wardrobe, a door beknownst to bar goers as the rather hidden route to the toilets. Pass the conveniences (though they’re worth a look at some point for the wall tiled with old cassettes) and go up the stairs to find a version of Narnia in the newly opened Jubjub bar. If you want to get in, though, you’ll need a key as the door’s locked and it’s strictly members only.

There’s no price tag involved in membership, the important thing is that you’re something of a cocktail enthusiast. Those granted access to the cocktail clique will get a key to the door and full access to the private bar area, which is run by a weekly guest bartender from London or around the world. Along with the bartender’s selection of cocktails, there’s flights of spirits available which focus on the unusual, and some rather tasty bar food to soak things up, not to mention the scenery of a Bond villain's back room.

Apply for membership by emailing and begging, bribing or bemusing. If all else fails, why not pop into Callooh Callay yourself and woo them with spirited enthusiasm. It’s worth noting that Callooh Callay is open every day, but Jubjub might not be, so do check. Visit for details.

Last Updated 21 September 2010