London Poetry: Two Poems By Gary From Leeds

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 98 months ago
London Poetry: Two Poems By Gary From Leeds

GaryFromLeeds.jpg Poems about our capital

Unsurprisingly born and raised in Leeds, Gary From Leeds is currently holed up in London. He's a trained journalist and failed stand-up comedian. He's been published in various under-read magazines and pamphlets, but prefers to say his stuff out loud than see it on paper. His most recent show was Inside the M25: A User's Guide at the Camden Fringe, alongside Essex bard Richard Purnell. The two are surprisingly considering further collaboration.

You can't get hire

Everything's fine

Yeah everything's sunny

Now that I've got my

Barclays bike

I had no feet

But now I have pedals

Now that I've got my

Barclays bike

I lived bereft of branding

But I've seen the light

Now that I've got my

Barclays bike

Harry Beck versus aeroplane

Not quite, but

Almost the favourite

Of all designs

A map for those who

Choose to make their

Treks not to scale

Harry Beck

Probably a boring man

The kind

Who make Top Tens

Of everything

Drafting rail maps

Like Wehrmacht

European takeover


If Hitler preferred to invade

Not to scale that is

While his wife pleads

For him to just come

To bed


East London line extension

Rail replacement buses


But you can’t hold

A good template back

He’d argue, indignant

You’d imagine

It's still second to Concorde


Not quite first, no

The desire to fly away

Always that bit stronger

Than another Circle Line


Last Updated 23 September 2010