London Poetry: Lost In The City By Joshua Idehen

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London Poetry: Lost In The City By Joshua Idehen

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Joshua Idehen is a poet and musician, the founder of the highly acclaimed poetry group PiP (A Poem Between People), a frontman of Benin City ("Outkast meets Benin City"), and the host, co-founder and co-promoter of PoeJazzi, a night of poetry and music which received five-star reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2007 and 2008. He has performed at many of the UK's leading festivals, including the Big Chill, Glastonbury and Latitude; on BBC Radio One, and BBC Radio 3's The Verb; his work has been featured by The Times, The Sunday Times and Prospect magazine, and published in anthologies alongside Linton Kwesi Johnson and Anthony Joseph.

Lost in the City

It's obvious you get on with this metropolis

the big smoke's a big joke and you're the butt of it

not like before when you were sure you'd fall in love with it

eventually, pity; the city don't like optimists

Yeah, you had your summer thing

Yeah, you had your summer fling

now, you feel the whistle wind

winter tightening the fist

the night, is thick like octopus ink

more friends, more cash, keep mind out the pits

you skint - stuck in a separate zone

the city wears loneliness like a nasty cologne

You're the only working clock amongst a flock of metronomes

you're the only, working... clock

Recently, it's like the city's fallen out with you

the sky is frowning like the city wants to battle you

you light a candle and the city throws the dark at you

You carry on, dumb son, try not to stumble

You're not a part of this city it's not a part of you

been living here for years, it's like you're passing through

you're not a part of this city it's not a part of you

lost, here - lost in the city

lost in the city

and it is lost to you

so many voices here so few are audible

scream as much you like, you'll be silenced by the nights

be dazzled by the nightlife, drowning in the pints

there's no need to be yourself, be anyone you like,

you could be the city's champion, it's bit of fun that

night-time owl, by day you're an admin,

star of the now, has-been by the morning

city of the false grins, of the short wins

such diverse rhythms where you gonna fit in

many birds with ambition walk around with clipped wings, not

everyone who grinds, in the city gets to shine

very many turn blurred, very many turn blunt

many aim for the stars get stuck in the glut

you have got to be the acid to survive the city's guts

shouldn't you leave the city, since you hate it this much

but I can't leave now it promised so much

the prize is so close, I can almost touch

I know I'm gonna make it, you can stay here and watch, it's

stolen my heart, it's got me by the crotch I'll

be dazzling by the limelight, dancing in its hype

I'll be part of this city, part of it true and true

seen its uglier faces, soon I will see it new.

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