The Buggles Reform for London Show

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The Buggles Reform for London Show

The Buggles - Age of Plastic

The Buggles might have a hit that gets played at probably every vaguely cheesy night ever, but you'll never have heard 'Video Killed The Radio Star' live. When the band were together they didn't play a single live show, but now they've had a mere 30 years to get a bit of practice in they've agreed it's time to rectify that.

Trevor Horn, Geoff Downes and original member Bruce Woolley will be playing their debut, one-off show later next month in London. Held on September 28, we only know so far that it's at an intimate venue in West London and that it'll be a performance of their debut album 'The Age of Plastic' in full with all proceeds going to the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability. We'll be honest and own up that we'd never heard a Buggles song apart from the obvious until today, but after a little bit of Spotify action we are quite excited by the album's explosion of the 1980's impression of the future synth pop. There is even a song about glorious Elstree.

Announced on Horn's website yesterday prospective attendees are asked to email with the subject line 'The Buggles special concert... add me to the mailing list, please!' Needless to say we'll keep you up to date too.

Last Updated 12 August 2010