Sponsored Post: Lloyds TSB Weather Photography Competition

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Sponsored Post: Lloyds TSB Weather Photography Competition

Snowstorm sweeps Canary Wharf, Feb 2009
Don't be ashamed to admit it. You're obsessed with the weather aren't you? First sign of rain (morning!) and you'll hear it approaching the other side of London, travelling through the Twittersphere. A few days of scorchio and there are sun worshippers and limp bemoaners batting it about on Facebook. Snow flakes in Crystal Palace and there's a set on Flickr before it reaches Westminster. Search the Londonist Flickrpool for 'weather' and 636 results return - and they're just the ones tagged or titled appropriately.

So why not turn this national obsession to the good and enter some of your best weather photographs into Lloyds TSB's British Weather Photographer of the Year competition? There's £10,000 up for grabs for one lucky amateur photographer whose picture demonstrates the greatest flair, technique and originality in demonstrating the British weather and its impact.

London's look changes with the weather. Have you caught her louring in gloom, being pelted with hail, covered in snow? Did you whip out your camera as a rainbow appeared or catch a snow storm sweeping across Canary Wharf while you were trying to reach Tower Bridge before it got you? (it got us...)

lloydstsb_pic.jpg To enter visit www.lloydstsbweathercompetition.co.uk. Upload your photo, locate where you shot it on the map, enter your details and submit. You can view all the photos submitted so far on their interactive map.

There's only one big prize winner which will be selected from 12 finalists but each week there's a popular vote with £100 up for grabs so enter your pictures now (and get all your mates to vote for you). Good luck!

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