Rise In STIs

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Rise In STIs

condom0810.jpg Nearly half a million new cases of STIs were reported last year in London. We hoped this could indicate that the NHS's huge campaign to demystify the chlamydia testing process for young people in recent years had been effective. Unfortunately, stats also indicate that 1 in 10 of those got reinfected within a year. It seems that while getting tested is less of a problem, insisting on condoms and safe sex still is. It's not just chlamydia and young people, of course; cases of genital herpes and gonorrhoea are also on the up with the latter evolving to resist antibiotics. In our own bid to help promote condom usage - no glove, no love - turn to the condom entry in the Urban Dictionary. We particularly like no 11. (Image / celebdu)

Last Updated 25 August 2010

STD Testing Expert

It seems like STD rates are on the rise in general across the world. I wonder if its a reporting issue, an increase in testing accuracy, or the rates are simply rising naturally. However nasty they seem, most common instances STDs like chlamydia & gonorrhea can be CURED with a simple antibiotic (similar to those you take for bronchitis or many other very common bacterial infections). Herpes is a different story, but still poses little threat adults (it really only causes true damage to children who contract it congenitally).

I think these type of news snippets justify sites like this STD testing site. Many of us would benefit from frequent testing & destigmatization of sexual infections.