Review: Hackney Wick Flea Market

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Review: Hackney Wick Flea Market

Hackney Wick is quite possibly the most fashionable place on the planet right now, and therefore it's no surprise that its new monthly flea market contains some seriously stylish tat. Below-the-knee vintage pencil skirts, ultra-high Postemistress boots, 70s jumpsuits and worn-in Doc Martens, this place has it all. And that's just the clothes... With three dates held so far the market is currently small, but when we visited on 22 August its 15 sellers offered everything from home-made jam to second-hand books, quality furniture and screen prints. Held once a month, and with plenty of pitches available for aspiring traders, this event is likely to grow exponentially.

The market takes place on a closed stretch of semi-industrial road bordering the canal, and once you've sated your bargain-hunting urge, the rest of the area is also well worth a look. For example the Hackney Pearl is a chilled and welcoming café bar lurking amid the industrial estates and artists' studios, and sells absolutely cracking cakes. We also spotted some stellar canal-side graffiti. And don't miss out on the free out-of-date bagels regularly going spare from the nearby bakery. When you’ve finished exploring, go and chill out in Victoria Park. Hackney Wick: full of surprises, all of them good.

By Brockley Kate

Hackney Wick Flea Market is held on White Post Lane, E9. Pitches are available; contact fleamarket [at]

Last Updated 27 August 2010