Par-Don Us, But The Standard Is Talking Nonsense Again

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 102 months ago
Par-Don Us, But The Standard Is Talking Nonsense Again

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Here's a new word for your midweek lexicon: Par-Don. Coined by the Evening Standard, it describes people who split their time between Paris and London.

According to the newspaper, there has been a 17% rise in people leading such lifestyles this year compared to in 2009; however, it doesn't say what the original figure was, making it hard to verify whether this truly is a new phenomenon. It gets worse: the reporter cites such common people as Jarvis Cocker (whose son lives in France) and Giles Deacon (a fashion designer) as proof.

The penny finally drops when they bring in a gushing quote from Eurostar, a company that (last time we checked) specialises in transporting people between the two capital cities. They even launched a cultural exchange scheme earlier in the year, featuring none other than Mr. Cocker.

Shouldn't this kind of guff be labelled 'advertorial'?

Last Updated 04 August 2010