Listen Up: Flash Fiktion

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Listen Up: Flash Fiktion

Flash Fiktion

Sounding like a punkier, heavier version of the Klaxons Flash Fiktion have been slowly creeping onto the Londonist playlist over the last couple of weeks. Matt, Ollie and Dan live in glamorous Elephant and Castle and release their debut single Leni today. We grabbed them for a chat.

Elephant & Castle. Is it more than just a roundabout? Tell us three amazing things about it

Amazing is a bit ambitious, but our studio is on the Walworth Road between Elephant & Castle and Camberwell and is a good location for bargain charity shopping near East Street Market and the odd, odd individual haggling in these shops for books and shoes. Our favourite local, The Beehive on Carter Street offers shelter from local shootings, and supplies Flash Fiktion staples of London pride and scampi fries. Or good tunes carnage and claustrophobia in Off Modern.

And is there anything you hate about it?

Descending a subway to cross the road, stomping around urine soaked tunnels for ten minutes before ascending steps to the same place you set off from.

You're South London boys so come on let's have it - why south over north?

More vibrant, more green (except elephant's urban jungle), cheaper, less tourists, more sense of community, understated and underdogs...

Where are you all from originally and what does London do better and worse?

Originally Essex, Southampton, Croatia. But London’s our home and we're part of the furniture. It's the world's most exciting, historical, hysterical and zeitgeisty city for music, art, culture clash, interesting people and fashion. But, comes at a £££

What's been the most important London location in the life of the band so far?

Walworth Road - birthplace of the band and our little room of horrors where all the creating happens. Brixton - the birthplace of Bowie, and the Fuller Brewery - birthplace of beer.

What's your favourite London venue and why?

The late Astoria RIP. But now that’s gone it has to be Brixton Academy - so beautiful - a gorgeous, theatre cinema vibe and it sounds amazing too.

Can you think of an unusual London location that would be awesome to play a gig at?

Hard to beat a boat in the Thames during the Queens Jubilee 1977. But how about the roof of the Archway Tower - with searchlights - and the Holloway Road closed off for the audience. That would be errr, mental.

When can we see you play live next? And what can we expect?

You can expect something that will take you somewhere else. Something that will let you explode not implode. You will get the music, the make up and a palette of sounds and beautiful melodies. We don't want you to feel depressed after our gigs, we want you to feel great, to sing, dance and talk about it for days afterwards. We'll be gigging from September. Watch this space and expect to leave the show (with) a new person.

What's your favourite club night in town?

We had a great time at the Bowie night at 'Feeling Gloomy' in Islington. Being devout fans had a lot to do with it though. Otherwise Off Modern is always good but Milton Keynes is off the menu these days.

What other new London bands should we be checking out?

Is Tropical, Breton, Milk, to name a few - London needs a new scene to move forward and it’s being born all around us.

And finally what's your London secret?

Not such a secret anymore but Frank's Campari Bar on the top of the multi story in Peckham. Greatest view of London, art that doesn’t stick in the throat and beer to wash it down if it does. The opening night for this summer was a blast.

A bit of peace and downtime in the Sexby Garden in Peckham Rye Park (London's most underrated park along with the Horniman Gardens). Magic Pizza and pool in the Gowlett Pub. All gold. Keep it South east.

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