Talk @ British Museum: Lewis Chessmen

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 101 months ago
Talk @ British Museum: Lewis Chessmen

lewischessmen_200710.jpg Every now and again the British Museum staff or other experts give free talks about the brilliant exhibits: sometimes they're about farming, other times they're about something as cool and mysterious as the Lewis Chessmen. The astonishing ivory playing pieces were uncovered, probably in a sand dune, on the Isle of Lewis some time in the nineteenth century. Who put them there and why is unclear, but a 45 minute talk seems a good time to go through some of the speculation. Head to Room 40 at 1.15pm tomorrow.

Other interesting looking talks in the few weeks include: What Have the Anglo-Saxons Ever Done for Us? (Thursday, 1.15pm), which scores extra nerd points, The End of Roman Britain (30th July, 1.15pm) and if you've never seen the amazing collection of clocks and watches you should make time for a talk about them on 11th August at 1.15pm.

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