Preview: The Importance of Glamour and Elegance

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Preview: The Importance of Glamour and Elegance

0107_lasttuesday.jpg A museum of Victorian curios, shrunken heads and dragon’s eggs might not be the likeliest place to host a discussion of sophistication and style, but then The Last Tuesday Society have never been known for adhering to convention .

The decadent dandies are hosting the latest talk in their Hendricks Lecture Series next Wednesday and this time the lovely Lucia van der Post, author of Things I Wish My Mother Had Told Me, will be holding forth on ‘The Importance of Glamour and Elegance’. Recessionistas need not apply, though, as this aesthete has no time for the age of austerity - after all, she was the founding editor of the Financial Times ‘How to Spend It’ magazine.

The delightfully aristocratic Ms van der Post is the latest in a string of wild and wonderful Last Tuesday speakers on topics that have included hypochondria, fairytales, tantric sex and Wales. The event is sponsored by Hendricks, so expect a certain amount of gin-soaked bohemia on the night.

The Importance of Glamour and Elegance, Wednesday 7 July, Viktor Wynd’s Academy of Domestic Science, 11 Mare Street, Hackney. Starts 7pm, doors open at 6pm. Tickets £7.

By Kaite Welsh

Last Updated 02 July 2010