Christmas Comes Earlier To Selfridges

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 104 months ago
Christmas Comes Earlier To Selfridges

Image by Matt From London
What better way to fend off summer heat than by thinking of Christmas? Actually, we can think of plenty - ice cream, lido swimming, long iced drinks - but Selfridges is opening its Christmas shop on 2nd August this year. It's enough to chill anybody's blood.

Apparently the store sold 1,000 baubles in their first week last year (opening date: 8th August), claiming it's overseas tourists who are particularly keen to get started on their decorating. Selfridges say they can forsee a time when there's a "capsule Christmas collection" available all year, which - aside from the pleasing alliteration - we think would be better than kickstarting the annual Christmas scramble. There are permanent Christmas (and Easter) shops in Austrian cities, and they're awesome. Would a small, constant Christmas presence innoculate us against the ever-creeping Yuletide storm?

Last Updated 19 July 2010