A Spooky Midsummer Night's Dream @ Rose Theatre

By Lindsey Last edited 155 months ago
A Spooky Midsummer Night's Dream @ Rose Theatre

rosetheatreplaque.jpg If you took up our recommendation to catch A Midsummer Night's Dream last Friday, we hope you weren't spooked out. Apparently the Curse of Henslowe is blighting the current seasonal production in the half excavated, subterranean remains of the oldest theatre on Bankside.

One actor broke their leg on stage and then a stage manager got infected with a neck swelling virus. In the opening week of this dark 'Dream another actor slipped and dislocated his knee mid performance, causing the show to be abandoned. Luvvies are a superstitious lot and pin the unfortunate run of bad luck and bodily harm on the story that in Henslowe's time, a player accidentally shot and killed a child and a pregnant woman and injured a fellow actor in the head, attempting to create an execution scene.

We wonder if someone's been naming the Scottish Play backstage.

Whether bad spirits or sod's law, the audience that were stiffed a full performance last week refused their refunds since they had enjoyed the play so much and so, the show must go on. Just take care, will you.

A Midsummer Night's Dream is at The Rose Theatre, 56 Park Street, Bankside until 31st July. £10/8, 7.30pm.

Last Updated 20 July 2010