Vote For Your Favourite Tube Map Cover, Win A Prize

Dean Nicholas
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Vote For Your Favourite Tube Map Cover, Win A Prize

2106_tube.jpg To commemorate the launch of a new tube map cover design by Barbara Kruger (a not particularly inspired version, using the all-too familiar trope of contextually renaming the station names — most recently spotted in these very pages), Art on the Underground are asking commuters to vote for their favourite tube map cover, and win a prize for doing so.

The full list of 12 designs, going back as far as 2004, includes the work of David Shrigley, Yinka Shonibare (responsible for the current Fourth Plinth installation), Cornelia Parker, and Richard Long. As diamond geezer notes, the most recognisable one, featuring squeezed tubes of acrylic paint, isn't included as it wasn't an official commission for Art on the Underground, which is a shame. Still, there are some recognisable designs in there, along with some that (to judge by a quick, unrepresentative straw poll in the office) appear to have bypassed Londoners entirely.

Details on entering the comp can be found on the website, and they wanna know not only your favourite design (and why, naturally), but what you like about Art on the Underground in general. Wafflle-inclined bloviators capable of droning on in art-speak will do well here.

The competition closes 5th July 2010. Oh, and the prize? A limited edition print showing all 12 Tube map covers.

Last Updated 21 June 2010