Sarah Palin Plans London Trip

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 131 months ago
Sarah Palin Plans London Trip

Photo / Bob Weinstein
Former vice-presidential candidate, future presidential nominee, and easily lampooned, Russia-spotting hockey mom, Sarah Palin, has promised to visit London in the near future. The former governor of Alaska wishes to meet with the original Iron Lady herself, Margaret Thatcher, and today released a message to her Facebook aficionados confirming that she had received an invitation for a formal sit-down. In classic Palin fashion, this seems to be a mistruth, and it was her people who approached the Baroness about the meet. Being photographed with one of Ronald Reagan's closest pals will do no harm whatsoever to Palin's widely-believed ambition to run as a Presidential candidate in 2012; for the octogenarian Thatch, it'll be a rare chance to shoot the moose breeze with somebody who has less of a grip on reality than she does.

Last Updated 15 June 2010