Nick Griffin To Take Tea With The Queen

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 101 months ago
Nick Griffin To Take Tea With The Queen

Photo / TonyMadrid
A rare soupçon of good fortune for Nick Griffin, BNP leader and Barking's own parliamentary also-ran: he's been invited to the Queen's annual summer garden party at Buckingham Palace on July 22nd.

Griffin's status as an MEP for the North West means he's entitled to an invitation for himself and three chums. Gee, thanks for that, north-west England! He attempted to bumrush the event last year, as London Assembly Richard Barnbrook's plus-one, but was thwarted in his efforts; having a personal invitation this time round means any move to block him, such as those attempted by Boris Johnson last year, will be thwarted. Many guests may simply vote with their feet and boycott the summer shindig.

Though no fan of certain Royals — he has in the past poo-poohed Prince Charles' promise to represent people of all faiths and religions — he'll doubtless help himself to the publicity, though a man whom even the Duke of Edinburgh would regard as beyond the pale may not find himself terribly welcome on the Palace lawn.

Last Updated 15 June 2010