New Restaurant Review: Banh Mi Bay

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Last Updated 13 June 2010

New Restaurant Review: Banh Mi Bay

Photography by Chris Osburn

Londonist is just back from having a delicious, filling and inexpensive late lunch (or was that an early dinner) at the newly opened (as in today's the first day) Banh Mi Bay in Holborn. A total surprise to us (especially considering the recent opening of Cafe VN just down the street!), we were pleased to happen upon this new Vietnamese restaurant/cafe while running Sunday errands.

Not expecting a Southeast Asian feast, we were a bit overwhelmed by the menu's impressive choice of dishes and went for this quaint eatery's Banh Mi Dac Biet Bay Special baguette filled with home made pate, spiced pork and pork roll along with pickled carrot and mooli, sliced cucumber and coriander. And for a mere £3.50 we found this yummy sandwich to be excellent value for money. The actual baguette itself provided a delightfully crispy and light container for those aforementioned Bay Special fillings. Upon our return trip (which we suspect will be soon), we'll be a bit more prepared to explore the menu's other tasty looking options - the vast majority of which are at or under the £5 price mark.

Owned by the folks behind Bay Cafe in Denmark Hill, Banh Mi Bay is located at 4-6 Theobald's Road (WC1X 8PN) and, incredibly is scheduled to be open until 10pm every night of the week (but best call ahead first). There doesn't seem to be a website up and running yet but the restaurant can be reached by phone (0207 831 4079) or email ([email protected]).