Music Choice: 21-27 June

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Music Choice: 21-27 June

Image of Male Bonding courtesy of napkinshoe under the Creative Commons License.
We could start this off with a joke about the vuvuzela, but we know you've heard them all already. So we'll just cut to the gigs:

Jeff Klein of Texan collective My Jerusalem is playing a solo set tonight at the Borderline. For more singer-songwriter goodness but in an exotic location, check out Nigel of Bermondsey at Surrey Docks City Farm.

Tuesday the abrasive but always catchy Male Bonding will be at Barfly with support from the slightly more melodic Standard Fare. If you're looking for something with more of a psychedelic edge (and sometimes we all are), Race Horses are at Madame Jojo's.

Playing the same venue Thursday are the Victorian English Gentlemens Club. Going down tempo and acoustic at Café Oto will be ex-ex-pat The Balky Mule. And if you fancy something straight-up poppy, the Crookes are at the Lexington.

Those of you still mourning the loss of 90s alternative rock — and we know you're out there — will get a treat on Saturday when They Might Be Giants play the Royal Festival Hall. Support comes from former Soul Coughing man Mike Doughty.

Finally, we'd like to suggest you end your weekend with Ganglians, and whatever magical assortment of weird, lo-fi, found sounds they choose to share.

Last Updated 21 June 2010