London Cigar Scene: 10 Manchester Street Hotel - Humidor and Cigar Terrace

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London Cigar Scene: 10 Manchester Street Hotel - Humidor and Cigar Terrace

Photograph courtesy of Ten Manchester Street

Londonist was recently making our way to this delightful modern hotel for a quiet afternoon cigar with a friend when a French couple asked for directions to the hotel. You couldn’t blame them, it is not easy to locate, but for the ‘in the know’ cigar smokers of London it has become the spot to enjoy a cigar.

When the smoking ban came into effect, cigar smokers were treated like lepars and sent out to smoke on the streets with cigarette smokers. A small group of smart hoteliers and store owners worked out that cigar smokers were actually some of their higher spending customers and started to make plans to accommodate them in style and comfort all year round.

10 Manchester Street’s Humidor and Cigar Terrace opened about six months ago and it has quickly become one of London’s most popular cigar smoking venues.

A well stocked humidor lines the passageway into to the terrace and provides a great selection for both beginner and connoisseur. The long covered terrace at the rear of the hotel has perforated screens to protect customers from the elements. Gas heaters built into the ceiling generate a warm cosy glow that has seen friends sitting out through the winds and snow of this coldest of winters. It also has comfortable seating and attentive waiter service providing drinks and light snacks that mean you can enjoy your cigar in total comfort.

Located in Marylebone, just a short walk from Marylebone High Street and Oxford Street this is the best possible location whether you live in London and want somewhere to smoke or live outside London and want a bolt hole for the weekend where you can also enjoy a good cigar.

Ten Manchester Street is located at … well … it's obvious isn't it (W1U 4DG). Visit the hotel's website for more details about its cigar terrace.

by Nic Wing

Last Updated 25 June 2010