London Blend: Tapped and Packed

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London Blend: Tapped and Packed


Fitzrovia has a much needed new jolt to the coffee house scene, with the addition of the slick and uber coffee obsessed Tapped and Packed. Just opened a little over two months ago, this place is already generating a fair bit of intrigue as word spread that there is no front sign outside their shop.

Tapped takes coffee seriously so be prepared to be asked how you want your coffee brewed: cafetiere, siphon, aeropress, or pour over filter. According to the on-duty barista, filter coffee is the most popular. It’s good to see that they put genuine care in making their coffee, offering not only the best beans from old hands like Climpson and Sons and Square Mile, but introducing new brewing methods to a city where espresso-based drinks seem to dominate.

Owner Richard Lilley opened the shop because after touring several coffee houses, he thought he could do a better job. Tapped has all the elements of being a great place, care is given to the coffee, great music plays as your coffee brews, and they are currently building their food menu, but it does feel a bit clinical at the moment. Hopefully Lilley will be able to make the place a little more welcoming - according to their blog, they are offering coffee making courses as well as hoping to establish a chess night. Given a little more time, Tapped has the potential to be in a class of its own.

Tapped and Packed, 26 Rathbone Place, London W1T1JD, Monday to Friday 8:00-20:00, Saturday from 9:00-19:00

Last Updated 01 June 2010