Get A Degree In Shopping From Harrods

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Get A Degree In Shopping From Harrods

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Perhaps in a bid to restore a serious retail reputation to Knightsbridge's most famous "cornershop" and eclipse the dominant personality of its Chairman and former proprietor, Harrods starts 10 of its employees on a prototype 2 year undergraduate degree course in sales this month.

The department store's new owners clearly have expansionist ambitions and trailblazing with an academic option for career development is one way to try and stay ahead of the shopping game. Not normally associated with anything cut price - even in sales season - the compressed degree which involves studying through the summer and continuing with their day jobs will be watched with interest by a government keen to cut the cost of university education.

The course has been designed and accredited by Anglia Ruskin University, whose brand can't boast the kudos of its in-store partner but does have a genuine business school.

Last Updated 23 June 2010