Facebook Founder Visits Prime Minister

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 104 months ago
Facebook Founder Visits Prime Minister

Photo / Martin H
Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and founder of Facebook, visited 10 Downing Street on Monday for a confab with David Cameron.

The fresh-faced pair, both relative youngsters in their respective fields, met hours before Zuckerberg went across town to a "hack day" at the Barbican. Little word yet on what was said, but it's to be hoped the meeting was more productive than the last time Facebook and the UK government tangled, in February, when then-Home Secretary Alan Johnson implored the company to review its child protection policies.

Also at the meeting was Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who later tweeted that Zuckerberg was a "really smart guy" with "good ideas on improvement digital engagement in policy making [sic]". Whether Hunt's two interlocutors will be so impressed by his method of dissemination is another matter — Zuckerberg considers Twitter such a potent rival that his company periodically steals their best ideas, while last year Cameron coined the memorable phrase, "two many tweet make a twat". For clarity's sake, Hunt has made just 16; it's at the PM's discretion whether that is indeed too many.

Last Updated 22 June 2010