Edinburgh Festival Comedy Previews: Hen And Chickens

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Edinburgh Festival Comedy Previews: Hen And Chickens

Jeremy Lion, children's entertainer. Entirely unsuitable for children.
Who's doing what where in the run up to Fringe season.

Tiny Hen and Chickens Theatre above the pub at Highbury Corner has just 54 seats which makes it perfect for intimate gigs where new stuff can be tried out in front of (hopefully) friendly audiences. It's certainly a favourite for Edinburgh previews as we're hard pushed to work out which of the following we can fit into our diaries:

  • Jarred Christmas Stands Up (5th June 9.30pm, 22nd & 29th June 7.30pm £7.50) funny Kiwi
  • Jack Whitehall - Work in Progress (14th June 9.30pm, 5th & 26th July 7.30pm £7) you've seen him on the telly, right?
  • Stewart Lee's Vegetable Stew and Bridget Christie - A Ant (20th & 21st June 9.30pm, 4th, 11th & 24th July 9.30pm £6.50) wonder if they're sharing the childcare backstage?
  • Jeremy Lion Goes Green (23rd & 25th June 7.30pm, 24th, 26th & 27th June 9.30pm, 23rd, 24th, 25th July 7.30pm £7) - get the Limoncello out and hide the kids!
  • Idiots of Ants (30th June, 1st, 21st & 22nd July 7.30pm £7.50) with new stuff
  • Edward Aczel "brand new shambles in progress" (3rd & 9th July 9.30pm £7.50)
  • Alex Zane Just One More Thing (15th & 16th July 7.30pm £7.50) sprouting wings post XFM
  • And that's just the famous names. There are loads of other shows shaping up that sound interesting: Barry and Stuart: Seance Show (18th June 9.30pm £7), Living and Dying from Holly Burn (22nd June 9.30pm £6), actor anecdotes from Andy Linden I Kid You Not (14th July 9.30pm £5), the most offensive joke ever from Nathan Cassidy in the frog that says sausages (17th July 9.30pm £6) and sketch comedy from The Unexpected Items (30th July 7.30pm £7.50). Go and help them find out which bits really are funny.

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