Are Macarons The New Cupcakes?

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Are Macarons The New Cupcakes?

The good people of Piccadilly seem to think so as 2000-3000 are sold here every day.

Ladurée opened up their little golden grotto in Piccadilly's famous Burlington Arcade in 2007, and they've been doing well ever since.

These brightly coloured treats might not look the most enticing, but they pack a punch. A slight crunch to the bite is followed by a burst of surprisingly strong but not not overly sweet flavours. It's easy to have a few in one sitting.

The macarons are made fresh every morning but are then put to one side for two days before going on sale. The 10 permanent flavours (Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee, Rose petal, Pistachio, Salted butter Caramel, Cherry Amaretto, Raspberry, Orange blossom, Liquorice) are displayed with the changing seasonal ones (Lemon, Dark chocolate, Praline, Ice mint, Coconut, Chestnut).

But macarons are not the only thing that Ladurée have turned their hands too. They have a huge range of preserves, scented candles, totes and other cakes and sweet treats...but the main reason people queue-up here is for the brightly coloured macarons that are lovingly displayed in neat ordered rows.

Ladurée (warning: the web site auto-plays loud music) can be found at 71 Burlington Arcade, Piccadilly.

By Helen Soteriou

Last Updated 25 June 2010