Week Around The Ists

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Week Around The Ists

(Photo by Mehgan Murphy, courtesy Smithsonian's National Zoo)

Londonist is one of thirteen in the worldwide Gothamist network. Once a week, the editors of each site - from SFist to Shanghaiist - compile some of their most interesting posts into a neat digest. Check out what's been going on elsewhere in the ist-a-verse:

  • DCist went nuts over some new glamour shots of the National Zoo's adorable clouded leopard cubs.
  • Torontoist has something for your architecture nerds: a look at the very best and very worst new buildings in their city, all of which are nominees up for public praising or shaming in this year's Pug Awards.
  • Bostonist mixed it up with our nemeses Regretsy and Joe Lieberman.
  • Shanghaiist mourned the death of a Chinese man killed by friends that inserted an eel up his ass.
  • Chicagoist learned you shouldn't wear a t-shirt with a certain naughty word on it to court or risk getting jailed (but at least you can sue in retaliation).
  • LAist learned about the mental health problems that prompted a woman to stab 4 strangers inside the Target in West Hollywood.
  • Seattlest responded to the recent arrival of TechCrunch blogger Michael Arrington with the same welcome the rest of our fair city has given him - a resounding "meh."
  • Gothamist learned that a car bomb in Times Square, planted by a Connecticut man, was meant to become a dangerous fireball. Thank goodness for vendors, but now Times Square is getting shut down for suspicious ham sandwiches and water coolers.
  • Houstonist caught up with former Astro Morgan Ensberg and his quest to become a full-time broadcaster.
  • Phillyist took a moment to reflect on assholes at sporting events following tasergate and the next day's copycat field runner.
  • SFist talked about another anti-gay leader caught dipping his toes in the homosexual pond.
  • Last Updated 10 May 2010