Sponsored Post: Volvo Subject60 Competition & Party

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Sponsored Post: Volvo Subject60 Competition & Party

The following post is from our advertiser, Volvo.

Subject60 is a European tour celebrating the launch of the new "naughty" S60 Volvo. It's apparently their "sportiest and most fashionable car ever" and they're coming to town to throw a party at the Sorting Office, New Oxford Street on the 2nd June. Lykke Li will play two live sets, Face Hunter will be taking photos and Queens of Noize will be mixing it up. Volvo want to invite Londonist readers along for the ride. If you want to be there, here's an 'Appy go lucky' bit of fun for you.

Find a Code Cube and join us at Subject60 London party: watch this and read on....

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Entering is easy if you've got a mildly clever phone. There are three hidden Code Cubes, available exclusively to Londonist readers. Each cube grants you and a friend access to the party. To bag the prize, all you need to do is visit the locations shown on the map below and use your iPhone 3GS or Google Android to locate them. Each location is a tad naughty. The cubes will be deactivated as they are found. So click start search on the map below and get hunting.

To play, follow these five simple steps:

  • Go to 'Click to Start Search' on the map.
  • Download the LAYAR app to your Android Phone or iPhone 3GS.
  • Go to one of the three locations on the map. Open this link on your phone: http://subject60.com/c/?londonist to activate LAYAR (TIP - don't forget to bookmark the link in LAYAR)
  • Start searching for the hidden cube.
  • Register the 6 digit code once you've found the hidden cube.
  • See you at the party!

    Last Updated 21 May 2010