Review : Grand Vintage Ball and Vintage Attire Pageant

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Review : Grand Vintage Ball and Vintage Attire Pageant

TASSLESSPARKLES.jpg The girls wore '50s cocktail dresses, couples jived under art deco chandeliers and everyone sang along as 'Love Shack' was plucked out by a trendy ukulele band, in a quirky medley of eras at UMI+Co's Grand Vintage Ball last weekend.

The call to fashion arms had been issued, but few were bold enough to take up the challenge of a fetish Poirot or couture pimp outfit. Most guests played it safe in '40s and '50s attire, reflecting the current obsession for reviving antiquated bygone eras and making them look up-to-date with a bit of progressive styling. It's a trend that is not only evident in social circles, but political ones as well.

Despite the best efforts of the bright young things, everyone was outshone by the striking outfits of two men who dared to tower above the crowd in their Moulin Rouge meets '90s call-girl via '80s punk get-ups. One was rightfully awarded first place in the best outfit category; a title he plans to defend at next year's ball.

The Rivoli ballroom's untouched interior lent an air of shabby chic to the evening, with Jonny Demonique's tattoo shack and nautical works of art tarting up the whole affair. Miss Amy Gwatkin's legendary vintage photo booth was oversubscribed, with a long line of pretty ladies and dapper chaps patiently awaiting their turn to be immortalised on film.

With whispers afoot that next year's ball is already in the planning, we're tossing around a 'vintage couples' dress code - think mavericks Bonny and Clyde or power duo Hilary and Bill - in an event that will be perfectly timed to mark our new government's one-year anniversary.

By Michelle Newell

Last Updated 14 May 2010