Listen Up: Babe Shadow

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Listen Up: Babe Shadow


The jaunty Babe Shadow are the locally chosen group tomorrow when the student Topshop Ctrl tour rolls into town. With the brilliant Yeasayer playing the headline set, we were already wishing we were back in uni so we could go before we found out the venue is the newly reopened Shunt in London Bridge station. Luckily for you if you are still enrolled in academia we've got two tickets to the show to give away. Email with Yeasayer in the title and your name, university and phone number and we'll pick a winner by the end of the day. Please note it's a students only gig, so if you're not one, please don't enter - you won't be allowed in!

We had a quick chat with Babe Shadow ahead of the show to find out a little more about them...

Hello Babe Shadow. You make dreamy indie pop, do you live somewhere quite as dreamy?

Not quite. We are Tom & Dave and we share a flat on a certain Shacklewell Lane in Hackney.

Not super idyliic then...

Well apart from the gun crime, it's very friendly!

Talk us through what the band are upto at the moment

We are on tour with Florence and the Machine at the moment, I'm in a cab on my to Hammersmith Apollo now amd it will be the biggest show we've ever played. We have been in and out of studios for the past few months so we've got songs coming out of our ears at the moment. We're also playing the CTRL tour on Wednesday with Yeasayer which I think is going to be pretty fun.

What's your favourite London venue & why?

The ICA is very nice because it's run by really good people. The Social is good too, but mainly if you're a midget playing a piccolo.

Your show on Wednesday is at Shunt which must be a pretty weird but cool place to play. Is there anywhere a bit odd you'd really like to do a show?

In London? Um, how about London fields lido. You could have a wet audience and a tanned band.

Have you ever busked? What was it like?

Me and tom starting busking together when from about the age of 12. We had to haggle for our spot every morning with the big issue skankies down Canterbury High Street in Kent.

What other new london bands should we be checking out?

Is tropical and Fiction are pretty great. We started at the same time as the Tropical dudes so are kind of in the same boat at the moment. Fiction are a great band who are supporting our E.P launch at the Macbeth on the 19th May.

Babe Shadow are supporting Yeasayer and Silver Columns on the London leg of the Topman CTRL Student Tour at Shunt on 19th May, for more info check out

Last Updated 18 May 2010