In Pictures: Greenwich Beer And Jazz Festival 2010

Dave Haste
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Last Updated 31 May 2010

In Pictures: Greenwich Beer And Jazz Festival 2010
Discussing cider and perry options.
Discussing cider and perry options.

Yesterday we were lucky enough to pop along to the Greenwich Beer And Jazz Festival on the sunniest day of the weekend. With the event set in the grounds of the Old Royal Naval College, the pleasant weather really made the occasion, with a mixed crowd chilling out on the lawns and trying not to ingest too much of the occasional dust-storms that were kicked up by the wind blowing across the gravel paths.

With a selection of real ales from a decent variety of UK breweries including Dark Star, Crouch Vale, Hopback and (of course) Meantime, as well as a cider and perry tent and a (mostly-deserted) Budvar tent, the afternoon passed in a relaxed haze of fermented sampling. There was also some evidence of Pimms, presumably to cater for those who are prone to attending beer festivals by mistake. Satisfyingly beer-soaking food stalls made the most of the captive audience and, for the most part, the jazz was eminently suitable (although the folkier performances were a bit jarring and noisy).

If the festival returns next year, we’ll definitely be planning to return, although we’ll keep our fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain.

All photos by Dave.