Fortean London Election Extra: The Clairvoyant Candidate

By Scott Wood Last edited 168 months ago

Last Updated 06 May 2010

Fortean London Election Extra: The Clairvoyant Candidate

It's election day and your fortean Londonista stepped out of the polling station and smiled at both the prospective Labour and Green Party candidates standing outside, the would-be Green Party councillors' piercings glinting jauntily in the bright morning light.

Standing for the post of Mayor of Lewisham on behalf of the English Democrats is one Graham Dare. The English Democrats main policy is the devolution of England with an English parliament having the same powers as the Scottish and swiping Monmouthshire off Wales. Dare’s priorities for Lewisham include, amongst all the promises to keep away from the saucer most politicians are giving following the expenses and lobbying scandals, stopping translation services, not "supporting funding" for "Woman’s day, ethnic history months, Gay pride, etc." and banning "twin towns" "as they only exist so Councillors can have free holidays." Lewisham is twinned with such holiday hotspots as Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, in central Berlin, Matagalpa, Nicaragua and Antony, which is, hopefully, a place, not a person just south of Paris.

None of this, however, is why Fortean London is talking about Graham Dare. The mayoral candidate is a clairvoyant, is "ranked as the UK's No. 1 medium" and is a spiritual healer who "permanently has heat radiating" from his hands." This may be because the moment he was born on the meridian line in Walthamstow an atomic bomb was dropped on Bikini Atoll on the International Date Line.

Using his powers of seeing he sent a warning letter to Diana three days before she died in Paris and writing to the police when he started "getting messages" that a colleague at the Milk Marketing Board had previously murdered one of Graham’s school friends. The killer, Brian Field, was eventually arrested after a random DNA test in 2001.

Graham’s website doesn’t go into details about his adventures, which is a pity, as we would love to know more about him exorcising a miscarriage-causing Tin Tin statue and an Egyptian statue that responded to a kick from its owners son by killing him (How? Did the boy blink?). How did he get Joley Richardson "never so relaxed as after Graham's healing session"? What "strong energies" are there at the Menier Chocolate Factory? What was the "ring with power" he discovered in 1977 and how will it help him today?

The Newshopper asked Graham who would win the election, surely the other candidates are worried that a clairvoyant is standing against them. Graham said he cannot predict the outcome of the election. "Predictions tend to work on a one-to-one basis."

Do you know of any other strange, curious or superpowered candidates? We would like to know! We're liveblogging election night from 8pm so tweet us @londonist, email [email protected] or leave a comment.