Cameron Puts Ministers On The Tube

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 96 months ago
Cameron Puts Ministers On The Tube

tubewestminster_220510.jpg Get ready to sit next to Michael Gove and Theresa May on the tube: the ConDem coalition has told ministers to use public transport rather than official government cars. Ministerial Jags and drivers cost £10m last year and our new PM wants their use slashed. We wonder if cabinet meetings will ever be delayed because someone got confused by the Circle line interchange at Edgware Road... This newfound fondness for public transport won't save us from rail fare rises: the government's "fair fares" policy doesn't actually extend to changing the way annual price increases are calculated. The equation uses the July inflation figure, and with the RPI currently at an 18-year high of 5.3%, it looks like we're in for a hefty shock to the wallet. (Image / wallyg)

Last Updated 22 May 2010


Please, please try not to dilute a positive with a perceived negative.

This is very, very brilliant news & I hope they are all receiving sympathetic guidance on the art of disguise.

And yes, Edgware Road, hmmm - we might find that in a relatively short while the signs and announcements will markedly improve. ;p


Ha ha, brilliant. First a pay cut, now they have to take the tube with the rest of us. Marvellous :)


Taxis count as public transport, you know?