Brian Haw In Court As Boris Starts To Clear Democracy Village

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 104 months ago
Brian Haw In Court As Boris Starts To Clear Democracy Village

Image by normko from the Londonist Flickr pool
Following yesterday's arrest, Brian Haw and fellow protester Barbara Tucker are due in court today charged with 'obstructing police' while the Met attempted to search the 'Democracy village' tents before the Queen's Speech. Boris Johnson has also given the GLA - who owns the green - authority to start High Court proceedings to clear the protest out of Parliament Square. Though all press reports are at pains to point out the two are unconnected, the more cynical among us may think it's all a bit convenient.

The main line being trotted out by Boris and Westminster Council is that the protest is damaging the square (though after a bit of squinting, we agree with Adam Bienkov that the square itself isn't actually included in the Unesco World Heritage Site) and the camp is "preventing its peaceful use by other Londoners". Given that her Maj's speech contained a line about allowing "members of the public to protest peacefully without fear of being criminalised", does this strike an immediate bum note to the coalition? Or is it Boris sticking two fingers up at Dave again? And does it really matter if a bit of planting happens in what should be the most public of public spaces?

Last Updated 26 May 2010