"Beacon" WWII Monument Proposed For Hendon

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 106 months ago
"Beacon" WWII Monument Proposed For Hendon


Nick Clegg was called out by the Daily Mail two weeks ago for a years-old article which dared to question Britain's obsession with World War II. He might have a point: mere hours after learning of the Bomber Command memorial comes news of another homage to the fallen, this time at the RAF Museum.

The Beacon, a 350ft-tall glass and steel spiral that towers over the genteel Hendon streets, will commemorate the Battle of Britain and all those who fought in it. If it goes ahead, the £85 million structure, whose tapered form may have borrowed design cues from the World Cup trophy, will contain a permanent exhibition on WWII aerial dogfights, and a wealth of material and memorabilia on life in Blitz-ed out London. The Museum hopes it will be a "lasting tribute to the sacrifice and bravery of an international force of men and women", as well as offering an educational focus for generations to come.

The Museum hopes to complete the tower within the next five years, within the lifetime of the dwindling number of Battle veterans.

Last Updated 14 May 2010