Top Tory Politician Has Motor Nicked

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 105 months ago
Top Tory Politician Has Motor Nicked

Photo / Steve Punter
For a man purporting to manage the nation’s security, shadow defence minister Liam Fox takes a surprisingly candid approach towards his own: the Tory frontbencher's home in Southwark was burgled this morning by thieves who also pinched his car. Not his fault, of course; yet he'd carelessly left a laptop, mobile phone, and briefing papers for tonight's leaders' debate in the vehicle.

The robbery happened during the night, while Mr. Fox was asleep, when thieves stole into his home and snaffled his car keys. According to Channel 4 News — on whose flagship 7pm broadcast the MP appeared yesterday to discuss nuclear disarmament — the lost laptop contained "sensitive information", a charge that the Conservatives have rubbished. David Cameron, himself no stranger to vehicular theft in London, offered his condolences, and just about managed to stop himself landing a blow on Labour by citing the robbery as another example of Brown's broken Britain.

The theft comes amidst the increasingly dyspeptic, if not downright rabid, attacks by Tory-supporting tabs and broads on the dashing young arriviste, Nick Clegg. Yesterday the Lib Dem leader was forced to deny that he had been coached to mimic David Cameron, after his debate notes were notes, apparently found "in the back of a cab". The whereabouts of Labour spivs and spin doctors in the wee hours of this morning are currently being ascertained by police.

Last Updated 22 April 2010