The Pest-Infested KFC

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 105 months ago
The Pest-Infested KFC

Photo / SqueakyMarmot
Honestly, it's enough to put you off your Zinger burger: a branch of KFC in Leicester Square has admitted having "inadequate pest control measures", after cockroaches, mice and flies were discovered on the premises. The timorous beasties were found during an inspection by health officials in 2008, and a spokesperson for KFC assures worried diners that the joint has since cleaned its act up. We'd love to be reassured and think it right and proper to feed our brood on a family bucket, yet this isn't the first time the Colonel's well-won reputation has been dunked in the grime: two years ago a Dartford kid found caterpillars in his KFC meal. Best to stick with Subway for now.

Last Updated 09 April 2010